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Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office will Post Press Releases
on the Dutchess County Website, Facebook, and Twitter

Published: 6/18/2013

For More Information Contact:

Captain John Watterson 
(845) 486-3860                        

Poughkeepsie…The Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office reports that it will now post press releases on three (3) different websites---facebook, twitter, and the Dutchess County website. The pages on these sites will display the press releases and similar information pertinent to the public very soon after they are sent out.

Having the press releases and information on the 3 websites described above is expected to provide more efficiency when it comes to the most current information getting out to the public. The information will now be available quicker & on different sites, which should provide a better means for the public to always stay informed. See below for information on how to get to the Sheriff’s Office page on each site.

 Facebook: go to  
 Twitter: go to (dc_sheriff).   
 Dutchess County website: go to

At this time the sites described above are intended to be used only for the exchange of press releases and similar-type information between the Sheriff’s Office and the public. The sites are not equipped to handle information on other issues such as complaints or investigations and may not be monitored by the Sheriff’s Office on a regular basis, so they should not be used as a way to contact the Sheriff’s Office. If someone has a problem or complaint that requires police assistance, they are asked to continue to contact the Sheriff’s Office directly at 845-486-3800, or via the tipline at 605-CLUE or As always, if it’s an emergency, please dial 911 immediately for the closest available police officer.