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Deputies and paramedics act quickly during medical emergency

Published: 4/6/2015

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Captain John Watterson
(845) 486-3860

The Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office would like to take the time to commend five (5) of its members, along with five (5) members of the Town of LaGrange Fire Department, for their actions during a life-threatening medical emergency in the Town of LaGrange on Easter Sunday.

On 4/5/15 at approximately 10:00 pm, Sheriff’s Deputies and LaGrange Paramedics were dispatched to Noxon Road near Robinson Lane for a report of an erratic vehicle that was involved in a collision. Upon arrival, the vehicle was stopped in the middle of the roadway with the unconscious operator slumped over the steering wheel. Deputies immediately recognized that the male victim was having a medical emergency; they then acted quickly to get him out of the vehicle and start CPR.

LaGrange Paramedics then began to arrive along with more Deputies and all of them worked together to perform CPR and provide medical attention to the victim as he was being loaded into the ambulance. At the start of the incident the victim did not have a pulse, however as he was loaded into the ambulance he regained a pulse due to the swift actions of the Deputies and Paramedics on the scene.

It was later learned that the victim had been experiencing chest pains and attempted to drive himself to the hospital when he lost consciousness. The victim was transported to Vassar Hospital unconscious but with a pulse, and his condition at this time is unknown. Due to privacy law restrictions, no further information about the victim or his condition will be released.

The actions of the Deputies and Paramedics on the scene were instrumental in giving the victim a chance to survive during what very well may have been a fatal medical emergency. Working quickly to recognize the medical emergency, get the victim out of the vehicle, and start and maintain CPR were all vital in helping the victim to regain his pulse and have a chance of survival.

Therefore, Sheriff Anderson and LaGrange Fire Chief Barry Ward would like to recognize and commend the following Deputies and Paramedics for their efforts in working together to help give this victim a chance to survive. Had it not been for their presence of mind and quick actions, the outcome could have been very different and Sheriff Anderson is extremely proud of what they did and how they handled themselves during this very serious incident.

- Sgt. Mark Femenella
- Dep. Kate Capalbo
- Dep. Evan Traudt
- Dep. Paul DiGiovanni
- Dep. Matt Kemlage

Paramedics (LaGrange)
- Lt. Anthony Champion
- FF/EMT Nate Plambeck
- FF/EMT Tom Martell
- FF/EMT John Clavin
- FF/EMT Brandon Piehler