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Impaired Driving and Other Alcohol Related Laws

Underage Alcohol Possession

In New York State, if you're under 21 years old, it is a violation of the law to possess alcohol with the intent to consume.  If caught, youth can be fined, required to complete an alcohol and drug education seminar, and/or required to complete community service.

Zero Tolerance

If you are under 21 and drink and drive, you face strict penalties.  Under the Zero Tolerance Law, for small amounts of alcohol, teens can lose their license for up to six months to one year.  For larger amounts of alcohol, DWI penalties apply, including possible jail terms.

Sean's Law

Underage drinkers who drive will have their junior license or driving permits promptly suspended if they are charged with an alcohol-related traffic offense. 

Lowering Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) from .10 to .08

In New York State, the BAC for legal intoxication while driving has been lowered from .10% to .08%.  This law allows for the suspension of a license pending prosecution if the BAC at arrest is .08% or more.

Keg Registration

This law requires that an identification tag be attached to every keg sold at a retail store that contains the name and address of the retail store, the name of the purchaser, and a keg identification number.  This allows our law enforcement professionals to track keg sales, especially those purchased and then given to people under age 21 for consumption.