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Traffic Safety Board

The Dutchess County Traffic Safety Board (DCTSB) is a coalition of law enforcement, education, health and service agencies, and individuals committed to ensuring that our streets, sidewalks, and residents remain safe and secure.

The Dutchess County Traffic Safety Board supports effective traffic safety and injury prevention programming to reduce injuries,  fatalities, and related economic impact for all Dutchess County highway users.


  • 845-486-3603
  • 845-486-3612
  • Traffic Safety Board
    626 Dutchess Turnpike
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12603


Driver Safety

Turning? Backing up? Driving at night? Look for Pedestrians!

Bicycle Safety

New York State law requires that all bicyclists under the age of 14 are required to wear approved bicycle helmets when bicycling.

Child Passenger Safety

Child Passenger Restraints Are Not An Option, They Are The Law!

School Bus Safety

Traffic Law 1174(A) requires drivers to stop from either direction, even on a divided highway any time a school bus red lights are flashing.

Pedestrian Safety

Every year, approximately 14,000 people in the US are killed or injured while crossing a street or highway.

Disability Parking Laws and Rights

Parking spaces and ramps are specifically designed and reserved for use by people with disabilities.

Watch Out For Me Campaign

Watch Out For Me is a traffic safety campaign to educate the public and promote safe driving, walking, and bicycling.

Safety Videos

Educating the public about safe driving, motorcycling, bicycling, and walking habits.

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