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Dutchess County Youth Council

We are now accepting applications from Dutchess County high school students, grades 9-12.  If you are interested in applying, please complete the full Youth Council Application (.pdf) and submit them to the Division of Youth Services as indicated on the application. 

Why should I join the Dutchess County Youth Council? 

To Make Positive Change 

In a time where many adults feel that youth do not partake in many worthwhile activities, the Youth Council helps disprove this common thought.  The Youth Council makes positive change possible in our communities and schools through various service projects, government assistance projects, lobbying efforts, and conferences.  These and other activities help to assist those in need as well as create opportunities for those in our society who are less fortunate.

To Develop Leadership Skills

The Youth Council allows students to become leaders in their schools and communities.  The various activities run by the Youth Council are led by students, not adults.  The directions the students want the projects to take are always considered and their input is valued by all.  Within the Council, respect is given to everyone and every person has the chance to speak his or her mind.   The Executive Committee members also run the monthly meetings.  The Youth Council is often called upon by non-profit organizations for their opinions in various social issues.

To Meet New People

The Youth Council is also very popular because it provides the opportunity for members to meet students from other schools who have common interests with themselves.  The meetings combine business as well as time to get to know the other members.  The variety of activities allows each member to participate in the events they are interested in.

Download "Dutchess County Youth Council Through the Years" (.pdf)