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E 9-1-1 Sign Law

Dutchess County law requires uniform signs when displaying addresses, so all properties can be easily identified by emergency responders. Property owners are responsible for affixing the assigned E-9-1-1 address number, so it is visible from the road.

For Residences

  • Numbers must be at least 3 inches in height, durable, and clearly visible. Reflective materials are even better.
  • Numbers should be of a contrasting color from the background on which they are mounted. For example, dark numbers on a light background.
  • If the home is more than 50 feet from the road or the entrance to the building is not visible from the road, numbers should be placed on a post along a walkway, driveway, or other location, so the address number is visible from the road from any direction and a second set of numbers should be placed on the building.

For Commercial & Industrial Buildings

  • Numbers must be at least 4 inches in height and displayed over the main entrance.

For Grouped Establishments

  • For groups such as apartments, town houses, shopping centers, and others where only one E-9-1-1 address number is assigned, numbers should be displayed at the main entranceway and should be at least 4 inches in height.
  • Individual unit numbers/letters should be displayed on, above or to the side of the main entrance to each unit, apartment, suite, etc.

Read the full Local Law (.pdf) for more details on the E-9-1-1 sign law.