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Independent Reapportionment Commission

The Dutchess County Independent Reapportionment Commission is responsible for drawing legislative districts following every decennial census.  This process is designed to be detached from Legislative authority or influence.  Members of the Commission must act to ensure equal and fair representation to the persons of Dutchess County.  In order to earn public trust this process is conducted in a non-partisan manner.  Following all federal, state, and local requirements a redistricting plan will be created which will be provided to the public with ample notice to review and submit comments before final approval by the Commission.


Public Hearings:

  • TBA

Public Meetings:

  • Wednesday, June 22, 2022 starting at 10:00 AM, until 11:00 AM.

 Visit the Public Meetings and Hearings page for complete details


About the Commission

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IRC Final Plan

Reapportionment Local Laws

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Independent Reapportionment Commission - Members

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Independent Reapportionment Commission Comment Form

Reapportionment 2020 Quick Reference Guide (.pdf)

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