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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data

Dutchess County GIS data sets, which are updated frequently, can be ordered, viewed, or downloaded directly through the county. Additional data sets are available for download via outside agencies.  Refer to the section on "Outside GIS Resources" for more details.

GIS Open Data

Dutchess County GIS maintains dozens of geographical datasets ranging from the locations of municipal services to addressing and emergency response information. We have made a number of these datasets freely available for you to discover and download. Please visit our GIS Open Data Hub to view these datasets.

Tax Parcels

Tax Parcels must be ordered directly from the Dutchess County Real Property Tax Service Agency, separately from the other datasets. Please go to Real Property Tax Digital Mapping Products Price List or contact the department at or 845-486-2140 for ordering instructions. Parcel lines are maintained as a county wide layer. They can be distributed countywide or by municipality.

Outside GIS Resources

Listed here are commonly requested GIS data layers that are freely available to the general public by repository.  While Dutchess County may have a version of some of these layers, going to the source assures users they are getting the latest version.  Many of these sites contain substantial collections beyond what is listed here.  However, for certain data sets there may be limitations to downloads.

CUGIR (Cornell University Geospatial Information Repository)

  • Census Data (blocks, block groups, tract, County) Each Census hierarchical level is joined to its associated SF1 demographics database table.
  • Watershed Boundaries (8 and 11 digit HUCs)
  • Hydrography (1:24,000 and smaller scaled)
  • Soils (STATSGO)
  • Principal Aquifers
  • Agricultural District Boundaries 
  • DEM-Digital Elevation Model

NY State Clearinghouse

This is a New York State sponsored site for distributing GIS data.  Below is a list of commonly requested data that are publicly accessible free of charge.  Please note that while there are many other GIS data layers available from this site, some require a Cooperative Member username and password.

  • Public Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Contours 2ft: NYS Contours | gis
  • NYS DOT and USGS Quads
  • Aerial Photos 2021
  • Aerial Photos 2013 
  • Aerial Photos 2009 
  • Aerial Photos 2004
  • Q3 Flood Zones
  • Public Libraries
  • School Districts

The following commonly requested data layers have been provided to this repository by Dutchess County and are freely accessible. Dutchess County specific data can be found at Dutchess County 1936 Aerial Photography Index | Dutchess County 1936 Aerial Photography Index | NYS GIS Clearinghouse.

  • 1936 Aerials

NY State Museum

  • Bedrock Geology
  • Surficial Geography

Municipal Connection Options

Municipalities at times need more robust connectivity to the County GIS infrastructure. Through specialized software and agreements municipalities have the ability to connect via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Municipalities interested in learning more about VPN connectivity need to contact Steve Oscarlece at the Dutchess County Office of Central and Information Systems, 845-486-2450.