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Molinaro Announces 2016 Municipal Consolidation & Shared Services Grant Awards

Published: 10/17/2016

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Colleen Pillus

Poughkeepsie… Dutchess County Executive Marcus J. Molinaro announced the 2016 Municipal Consolidation & Shared Services Grant Program awards, totaling $925,000 to six municipalities for shared service and consolidation projects. County Executive Molinaro made the announcement at the Municipal Innovation Summit (formerly referred to as the Shared Services Summit), which brought together more than 50 local, county, and state officials at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel and included discussions focused on emergency services, healthcare cooperatives, and information technology.

County Executive Molinaro said, “Dutchess County’s Municipal Consolidation & Shared Services Grant Program was the first of its kind in New York State, and our primary goal is to reduce the total cost of government through increased efficiencies and the elimination of unnecessary or redundant services, resulting in smaller, smarter government. Innovation and shared services are the best ways to achieve this goal, and each of the projects receiving awards demonstrate the ability to provide savings to local taxpayers.”

The Municipal Consolidation & Shared Services Grant program was implemented in 2013 to incentivize municipal projects through a competitive grant process that seeks to increase cooperation, reduce redundancy, and result in savings for taxpayers. Since the inception of the program, more than $4.5 million has been awarded for projects that have benefited communities throughout Dutchess County by increasing cooperation, creating long-term savings and efficiencies, and contributing to economic development. 

This year’s awards included: 

911 Consolidation Study
Project Award: $75,000
Awarded Municipality: City of Poughkeepsie
Project Description: Conduct a comprehensive study of the City’s dispatch operations, which will include a fiscal analysis and a restructuring plan, including potential shared services and consolidation opportunities within the City and with Dutchess County.  An outside expert will be retained to conduct the study.

Consolidation of Firehouses - Final Design and Construction Documents
Project Award: $250,000
Awarded Municipality: City of Beacon
Project Description: Implement consolidation of three existing fire stations by hiring professionals to prepare final design and construction plans for a single consolidated fire station, which is expected to result in savings of $1.3 million in operational expenses over 10 years.  The sale of the closed stations could generate $1.38 million, promote economic development along Main Street and increase property tax revenue.  In addition, the City will save/avoid roughly $4.7 million in necessary modernization costs for the three existing stations.

Public Works Restructuring & Consolidation Study
Project Award: $75,000
Awarded Municipality: City of Poughkeepsie 
Project Description: Conduct a thorough analysis of the City of Poughkeepsie’s Department of Public Work’s operations that will identify ways to enhance operational function and potential consolidation and shared service opportunities within the City of Poughkeepsie, as well as with the Town of Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County. An outside expert will be retained to conduct the study.

Emergency Services Building Improvements
Project Award: $145,000
Awarded Municipality: Town of Wappinger
Project Description: Improvements to the Town’s Emergency Services Building which is shared with the NY State Police, who annually respond to over 15,000 calls in seven southern Dutchess municipalities.  The mutual aid provided by the NYS Police diverts $4 million annually in patrolling expenses from local police budgets.

John Jay Sewer Improvement Area Engineering and Construction
Project Award: $100,000
Awarded Municipality: Town of East Fishkill
Project Description: Engineering and construction for the formation of a consolidated sewer district between the Town and School District on the Route 52 corridor, that will result in savings to John Jay High School/Wappingers Central School District estimated at $350,000 in the first year and $50,000 annually thereafter, while also promoting economic development in the surrounding area.

Law Enforcement Computer-Aided Dispatch Upgrade and Consolidation
Project Award: $280,000
Awarded Municipality: Town of Poughkeepsie
Project Description: Upgrade and consolidate the Town’s dispatch system with the County’s system, which will improve response times and increase first responder safety.  The joint purchase of the system with the County will result in a savings of more than $500,000 and savings in ongoing maintenance costs of $70,000 annually.

Dutchess County continues to be a statewide leader in shared service initiatives.  Incentivizing shared services, consolidations, and other cost saving initiatives will continue to be a priority for Dutchess County.  Next month, Dutchess County expects to announce almost $1 million in additional grant funds for projects that incentivize municipal projects through a one-time competitive process for critical projects resulting in meaningful savings to aid municipal efforts to reduce and/or minimize the property tax levy imposed on residents. As part of his 2017 Tentative County Budget to be presented at the end of October, County Executive Molinaro has again committed $1 million for the grant program, which will now be referred to as the Municipal Innovation Grant Program, prioritizing criminal justice, innovative municipal shared services and consolidation projects, and land use and economic development projects.

In addition to the Municipal Consolidation & Shared Services Grant Program, the County offers a wide variety of shared services opportunities to local municipalities, districts and non-profit organizations to maximize fiscal and operational efficiencies, improve agency resources and increase accountability. Services include website development, purchasing and contract administration, printing and copying, workers’ compensation and emergency management.  Recent examples include partnerships between the Office of Central and Information Services (OCIS) and the Arlington Fire District and the Towns of Dover and LaGrange to streamline IT services and deliver information to residents faster and more effectively. More information about Dutchess County’s shared services opportunities can be found at

To learn more about the Municipal Consolidation & Shared Services Grant Program, visit:

“I am grateful for the County Executive’s support for shared services initiatives through the Municipal Consolidated and Shared Services Program and forums like tonight’s.  The $150,000 awarded to the city will allow us to retain experts to conduct a comprehensive review and restructuring of our Department of Public Works and Emergency Services Unit (911) within the Police Department. We look forward to continuing these shared service discussions so we can develop collaborative solutions to the long term challenges we all face ,” said City of Poughkeepsie Mayor Rob Rolison.