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Molinaro Announces $1.2 Million in Supplemental Municipal Consolidation & Shared Serves Grants

Published: 11/28/2016

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Colleen Pillus

Poughkeepsie… Dutchess County Executive Marcus J. Molinaro announced $1.2 million in grants to nine municipalities across Dutchess County have been awarded through the Municipal Consolidation & Shared Services Supplement Grant program.

County Executive Molinaro said, “I am grateful to the County Legislature for recognizing the importance of supporting critical projects in our communities.  This funding allows communities to undertake essential projects and help lower the burden on the local taxpayers. By building partnerships with our municipalities and supporting their needs we can improve the way we govern, invest in critical community projects and ease the burden on taxpayers.”

Dutchess County Legislature Chairman Dale Borchert said, “My fellow legislators and I recognize the importance shared services between municipalities play in keeping taxes lower for Dutchess County residents. The Legislature is proud to support projects that will benefit have such positive impact on so many local communities.” The Dutchess County Legislature authorized funding for the projects at its November board meeting.
The Municipal Consolidation & Shared Services Supplement Grant program was created in 2013 to incentivize municipalities, through a competitive grant program process, to consolidate services, increase shared services, eliminate layers of government, evaluate municipal consolidation opportunities and implementation possibilities, and implement efficiency improvements. The grant program is available to all entities subject to the New York State Property Tax Cap limit.

The supplemental grant opportunity was announced in May to provide a funding for projects that produce multi-year cost savings and efficiencies for local municipalities enabling them to minimize local property tax impact, with priority given to projects that can reduce and/or avoid property tax increases.   The County received 25 applications, requesting nearly $4.5 million.

“The Town of Hyde Park would like to extend our appreciation for the recent award from the Taxpayers Stabilization Grant Program to replace our aging police fleet,” said Hyde Park Town Supervisor Aileen Rohr.    “I am pleased to let you know the Town will be under the tax cap this year with the help of this funding source and that our residents will once again be provided quality services for the least possible cost.”

These awards included:

Construction of New Salt Storage Shed
Project Award: $50,000
Awarded Municipality: Town of Pleasant Valley
Project Description: Construction of a salt storage shed that will shield the salt chemicals from contaminating ground water and other environmentally sensitive areas, while guarding the salt from environmental elements.  The new salt shed is a critical necessity, since without it, the Town will incur storage related-expenses and be forced to forfeit salt previously purchased.

Building Department Vehicle
Project Award: $25,000
Awarded Municipality: Town of Rhinebeck
Project Description: Purchase of a four-wheel drive vehicle to allow the building inspector and code enforcer the ability to conduct the duties of their job without interruption. The current vehicle has exceeded its useful life, making this a critical purchase for the Town.

Gardner-Hollow Road Bridge Replacement
Project Award: $100,000
Awarded Municipality: Town of Beekman
Project Description: Replacement of a culvert that has seriously deteriorated, creating a potentially hazardous condition.  As a safety precaution, weight limits have been reduced on the bridge, limiting access for some type of vehicles such as emergency vehicles.  Replacement is a priority for the Town, and this grant will offset the burden placed on taxpayers.

Lower Mill Road Culvert Replacement
Project Award: $225,000
Awarded Municipality: Town of North East
Project Description: Replacement of the existing undersized culvert with a larger, precast concrete box culvert that has a larger capacity and is less prone to obstruction.  This grant will reduce the taxpayer burden, while ensuring this critical culvert replacement occurs, in order to eliminate the periodic flooding and resulting road closure.

Police Fleet Replacement
Project Award: $75,000
Awarded Municipality: Town of Hyde Park
Project Description: Replacement of high-mileage police patrol vehicles that have exceeded their useful life. This critical purchase will provide safe vehicles for police, while reducing the impact to tax payers.

Repairs to Financial Plaza Parking Deck
Project Award: $250,000
Awarded Municipality: City of Poughkeepsie
Project Description: Engineering and construction funding to repair the damage to the City’s parking garage, caused by corrosion; the garage has exceeded its useful life and must be repaired.  This award will minimize the burden to taxpayers while ensuring the safety of those parking in the garage.  

South Avenue Sidewalk Replacement
Project Award: $50,000
Awarded Municipality: City of Beacon
Project Description: Replacement of deteriorated sidewalks that are well beyond their useful life, posing a hazard to Beacon residents and visitors. This grant will offset the cost of this critical project while minimizing the burden on taxpayers.

Tall Trees UWWD Connection
Project Award: $225,000
Awarded Municipality: Town of Wappinger
Project Description: Engineering and construction to connect the Tall Trees Water District to the United Wappinger Water District, which will remedy the community’s long-standing hard water, broken infrastructure and limited water quantity issues. This award will reduce the bond amount for this critical project, thus reducing the impact on taxpayers.

Water System Upgrades
Project Award: $200,000
Awarded Municipality: Village of Millbrook
Project Description: Engineering and construction to remedy the Village’s water issues, which warrant additional treatment be provided in order to meet standards. This grant will reduce the bond amount and burden placed on taxpayers.

Town of Wappinger Supervisor Lori A. Jiava said, “I am grateful for the County Executive’s support of the Tall Trees Water District’s connection to the United Wappinger Water District’s water main. Water restrictions at Tall Trees have been in place for more than eight years. The wells do not generate enough water to withstand usage, with residents frequently running out of water during droughts, resulting in water trucked in to keep up with usage. This long-standing water issue has been a burden for the residents of Tall Trees and since I entered office, it has been my intent to fix the issue. This $225,000 grant will reduce the bond amount needed to pay for the project, lessening the burden on taxpayers.”

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