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Annual Report for 2020

To:  A. Gregg Pulver, Chairman & Members of the County Legislature
From: Macrus J. Molinaro COUNTY EXECUTIVE
Date:  February 2, 2021
Subject:  Dutchess County Executive's Annual Report for 2021

Pursuant to the Dutchess County Charter, filed herewith is the County Executive's written report of the finances of the County and the activities of the Executive Branch of County Government for the year 2020. 

During a year marred by uncertainty and anxiety, I deeply appreciate the continued collaboration with my colleagues in the Dutchess County Legislature. For many years, we have worked hand in hand to deliver high quality-programs and services the residents of Dutchess County have come to expect. 2020 saw many of these services transform and adapt, but not deteriorate, despite a global health crisis the like of which we have never seen. Perhaps this year, more than ever, I am proud to submit the accomplishments, activities, and innovations of the dedicated workforce of Dutchess County Government. These individuals never faulted, in the face of overwhelming odds and stress, in their mission to serve our residents. We have learned so much in 2020 about our capabilities and our capacity to help one another. If we are to be successful in 2021 and beyond, we must build on all the lessons we learned, and all that we achieved together during a difficult year. 

On March 16th, we will look toward the future with the State of the County Address. Like so many events nowadays, this will be held virtually. We look forward to having you join us and we look forward to working with you throughout 2021. 

Thank you.  

View or download the Annual Report for 2020 (.pdf)