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Dedicated Citizens Needed To Serve on Boards
Opportunity to participate actively and meaningfully in local government

Published: 7/11/2014

For More Information Contact:

Catherine Durland, (845) 486-2103

Poughkeepsie, NY:          The Dutchess County Legislature announced today that vacancies exist on the Dutchess County Mental Hygiene Board and the Dutchess County Soil and Water Conservation District.  Each Board plays a critical role in Dutchess County Government by keeping citizens fully informed about local programs and providing for the opportunity to have a meaningful role in determining and implementing local public policy that meets community needs and expectations.  Residents are encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise by participating.

The Dutchess County Mental Hygiene Board created under New York State Mental Hygiene Law is an advisory group that works in conjunction with the Commissioner of Mental Hygiene to develop annual, intermediate and long-range plans for mental hygiene services in Dutchess County.  The Board reviews and monitors the Department’s needs, services and facilities; reviews and evaluates recommendations and planning suggestions of its subcommittees and committees and reviews the Policy & Procedure Manual. Board members also represent and work to ensure various segments of the community mental hygiene needs are being met.

The Dutchess County Soil and Water Conservation District works to identify natural resources available and how best to accommodate the needs of local and county governments, farmers, landowners, and other land users.  The Board of Directors  review and ensure proper land use decisions and assists other environmental organizations. The District identifies and assesses the conservation of the county’s resources and develops appropriate land use plans.  The District also reviews areas of soil erosion, water management, forestry, organic waste management, water quality preservation, and recreational development in order to ensure proper resources today and in the future.

Chairman of the Dutchess County Legislature Rob Rolison stated, "The American system of government depends on citizen participation at all levels especially at the local level.  We encourage residents to be fully informed and take an active role in the community by providing feedback and input so that we can ensure our community values are properly fostered and served.”

Anyone who would like to be considered for these volunteer positions is asked to provide a resume and a brief letter of interest to the Dutchess County Legislature by July 28, 2014.  Materials can be sent to the Dutchess County Legislature to the attention of Catherine Durland at 22 Market Street, 6th Floor, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, faxed to 486-2113, or e-mailed to