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Legislators Oppose the Use of County Seal
For Any Permit Recertification or Other Purposes Associated With or Promotion of the Safe Act

Published: 3/11/2014

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Poughkeepsie, NY- The Dutchess County Legislature at its March Board Meeting denied the state authorization to use the county seal on documentation related to the enforcement of the New York SAFE Act.  The New York SAFE Act, which was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on January 15th of 2013, amended provisions of State Law pertaining to fire arms and ammunition as well as an implementation for the recertification of pistol licenses to be implemented by January 1st of 2018.

The resolution adopted tonight by the County Legislature prohibits unauthorized use of the Dutchess County Seal by the State of New York.  In particular it denies the State of New York permission to use the County name, Seal, letterhead or address for the purposes of issuing notices to legal pistol permit holders regarding recertification or any other purpose associated with implementation or exercise of the SAFE Act.

In a joint letter from Dutchess County Sheriff Adrian “Butch” Anderson and Dutchess County Clerk Bradford H. Kendall, they stated the use of the Dutchess County Seal by the State Police in the recertification of pistol licenses proposed correspondence contained both the seal of the State of New York and the seal of the County of residence.  They believe that the presence of the seal implies that the County supports the recertification plan, the county has a role in the plan which it does not as well as the number of inquires that will be generated.  An Executive Order issued by County Executive Molinaro established a policy regarding the use of County Seal and ordered that the Dutchess County Seal only be used by authorized departments of County Government and unauthorized use is hereby prohibited. The County Legislature’s action today coupled with the Executive Order establishes a board policy that makes it clear the use of the County Seal is prohibited by all County departments and staff for purposes of implementing and/or promoting the SAFE Act.

Chairman of the Legislature Rob Rolison stated, “A majority of the legislature in 2013 had clearly made their opposition to the SAFE Act known.  The legislative action tonight with bipartisan support banning the use of Seal by New York State sets this as county policy.”

Legislator Rob Weiss said, “The use of the county seal implies that we as a County condones or accepts the SAFE Act.  The State is responsible for this doing so therefore they should put their name and seal on it, not Dutchess County.”