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Budget, Finance & Personnel Committee Begins Review Process
In Preparation for 2015 County Budget

Published: 4/21/2014

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The Budget, Finance, and Personnel Committee led by Legislator Dale Borchert (R-LaGrange) began its review of county programs and services for the 2015 County Budget.  Val Sommerville, Budget Director, provided a fiscal overview of 2014. Increased burden of state mandates combined with declining revenue and a weak national economy continue to challenge Dutchess County.  An extended budget dialogue for  the Legislature, which has 6 new members, allows for more informed decisions when the proposed budget is presented.


Planning and Development Commissioner Kealy Salomon addressed the committee on the programs and services provided by the department. Planning and Development is responsible for countywide planning, coordination of economic development activities, planning assistance to local governments, and comprehensive mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) data. The Department also provides administrative oversight and support to the Dutchess County LOOP Bus System, the Traffic Safety and STOP-DWI programs, the Department of Solid Waste, the Criminal Justice Council and several community agencies, which provide a wide range of programs for the County's residents, businesses, and visitors.

Legislator Borchert stated, “Due to the economic conditions, we have taken any early start in evaluating county program and service operations. We must determine essential services that county government should be offering and can afford to provide. The 2015 Budget picture is unclear and we must prepare to make decisions that reflect programmatic cuts not just incidental cuts.”

Each month the Budget, Finance and Personnel Committee will be meeting with department heads from Human Resources, Health, Mental Health, Public Works, Airport, Parks, Sheriff, Emergency Response, Probation, Community and Family Services, and Office for the Aging.  Discussion topics will include what the implications would be for the public, the department and county government as a whole if optional services are reduced or eliminated, what measures have been or are being implemented to help control mandated costs and optional programs or services and are there changes at the state and/or federal level that will impact the department in 2014, next year and beyond.

"As the demand for County services increase, the revenues to support these services remain the same or decrease.  We will evaluate every option so that we may ease the tax burdens of local residents and businesses while maintaining essential services,” said Dutchess County Legislature Chairman Rob Rolison.

The County Executive proposed budget is delivered to the Legislature by November 1st of each year. The Legislature must adopt the budget on or before December 10th.