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Dutchess County Legislature Amends and Adopts 2015 Capital Improvement Program
Rolison, Weiss Devote Funds for the Creation of a Dutchess County Youth Services Center

Published: 12/10/2014

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Poughkeepsie, NY … At the December 4th Board Meeting of the Dutchess County Legislature, the county's 2015 fiscal plan was adopted by a bipartisan vote of 19-6. The adopted $441.7 million 2015 County Budget includes the largest property tax cut in over a decade, a decrease in spending, the smallest workforce in 32 years, and a stabilized fund balance between the recommended range of 5-10%.

Chairman Rob Rolison called for an allocation of $1 million to the Dutchess County 2015 Capital Improvement Program in 2017 for the creation of a Dutchess County Youth Services Center in the City of Poughkeepsie.  The plan will be added as a capital need for the County will require further discussion to determine the proper course of action to develop a Center to meet the needs of those it serves.

Rolison stated, “The challenges that our community’s children face can hinder their ability to lead successful adult lives. Through the commitment of $1 million as an investment into our youth with a Youth Services Center, we hopefully can create a safe environment, supply basic needs, and make available much needed services.”

Minority Leader Barbara Jeter-Jackson stated, “A much needed Youth Services Center would provide opportunities for members of our youth to improve themselves while also offering support services to their families. I would love to provide a place for learning and play for children and young adults. A place where they feel safe, feel listened to, and understood.”

Legislator Rob Weiss, who seconded the amendment for a Youth Center, stated, “A Youth Center will provide opportunities for our diverse population -we have rural and urban residents. The fact that we can bring people together to provide programs can only enhance the future of our youth and I wholeheartedly support this concept.”