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Information for Individuals and Families

Nearly every incident in a community (whether natural or man-made, and regardless of size) can impact our health. That’s why it’s important for individuals and families to understand:

  • How to prepare​​
  • What to do in times of emergency
  • How to recover

How to prepare

It's important to remember that in the wake of a large-scale emergency or disaster, YOU are your own first responder until help arrives.


Understand the Risks: Know the types of hazards in your community, and how to respond to them.

Make a Plan for:

  • Communications
  • Sheltering in Place
  • Evacuation
  • Work and School

Build a Kit: Keep a 5-7 day supply of water,non-perishable food, medications, and other essentials for home, car, and work.

Stay informed: Be aware of, and sign up for, any warning and/or notification systems available to you.

In addition to these simple preparedness steps, individuals or families with access and functional needs to consider should visit for further guidance.

What to do in times of emergency

It's critical to stay informed during an emergency so you can follow instructions and receive the latest instructions from authorities.

In Dutchess County, we encourage all residents to:

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