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Operator Certification

There are three prerequisites to certification: training, experience, and an application form.

Part 5-4 of the New York State Sanitary Code requires operators of community public water systems and non-transient non-community public water systems to be certified. The Environmental Conservation Code requires sewage treatment plant operators to be certified.

Part 6-1.21(b) requires pools larger than 3,000 square feet or using gas chlorination to be maintained by a qualified swimming pool water treatment operator.


Contact the New York State Department of Health if you haven't received yours to obtain your renewal form. You must obtain your contact hours for your renewal application through training.

For further information:

Available Training Courses



Contact Hours - In order to obtain certification or recertification, individuals need to obtain Contact Hours. The following is a list of contact information for Contact Hours:

  • Sewage - Call Tim Miller (NYSDEC) at 518-457-0810
  • Water - The Rural Water Association offers training on a variety of topics. They also have information on SUNY and DEC classes.

Information on the NYS DEC operator examination can be found here.


  • Check the Environmental Health Manual item CSFP TR 233
  • Old data: Certified Pool Operator course: Pool Operation Management, Tema Abend, 916-429-6080
  • Old data: YMCA, Ct.

See California State University Sacramento's Office of Water Programs for good textbooks and training material.


Advice, Tips and Tricks


Filter media cleaning advice and instructions (.pdf)


Suggestions about biological safety (mostly for STP personnel).

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health at CDC has information on disease transmission, latex glove allergies, etc.

Why not buy the NFPA 820 Standard for Fire Protection in Wastewater Treatment and Collection Facilities 1995 Edition and check out your plant? Contact NFPA at 1-800-344-3555.

Other Advice 

DCDOH Grade C Operator Training Manual Outline (.pdf) Information on math, wells, disease, disinfection, filters, pumps, safety.

Observations at an ozonation plant (.pdf) in Andover, MA.

Drought? Tank ruptured? Well down? Call NYSDOH for approved water bottlers and transporters.

Well disinfection instructions - from Rural Water Supply.

Low interest loans are available to water suppliers in NYS. See NYSDOH's State Revolving Fund page for details.

List of labs in Dutchess certified for Drinking Water Bacteriology.

Why not join a professional organization 


Sewer - Water Environment Federation