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Public Health Innovation Lab

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Are you a local undergraduate or graduate student looking for an exciting internship opportunity? You came to the right place!

Our Public Health Innovation Lab (PHIL) is an intern program available to local graduate and undergraduate students looking for work related experience in their chosen field of study. This interactive program enables students to explore the various aspects of public health while developing innovative programming and services to help the community.

PHIL and PHIL+ Intern Programs

We offer two intern program opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.  Our PHIL program is for undergraduate students, of any major, who are interested in exploring public health.   Our PHIL+ program is for graduate and select undergraduate students pursuing clinical/public health degrees and need work experience opportunities with one-on-one clinical contact for their clinical health degree program.

The PHIL program requires a minimum of 5 hours per week for 1 seasonal semester, or as otherwise determined.  It is open to undergraduate students of any major.

PHIL Tracks Include:

  • Disease Prevention and Epidemiology 
  • Public Health Education 
  • Clinical 
  • Virtual Communications & Design 
  • Human Rights 
  • Veterans 
  • Environmental Health 

More information on PHIL Tracks (.pdf)

The PHIL+ program includes clinical one on one contact and has a minimum of 14 hours per week and requires intensive clinical supervision.  It is open to graduate and select undergraduate students in clinical health degree programs. 

PHIL+ Tracks Include:

  • Advanced Mental Wellness 
  • Advanced Substance Recovery 
  • Advanced Educational Development & Training
  • Advanced Forensic 
  • Forensic Pathology 
  • Nursing 

More information on PHIL+ Tracks (.pdf)

Participant Eligibility

Students interested in the PHIL or PHIL+ programs:

  • Must be currently enrolled in a college or university
  • Must have an identified faculty mentor from the student’s school
  • May be required to successfully complete fingerprinting and a background check if direct client contact is anticipated (which would require a $25 money order for fees)
  • Must complete a PHIL application, including a resume

Students from non-traditional public health majors (e.g., art, culinary, graphic design, business, etc.) are also welcome to apply for PHIL.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with no submission deadline. Our internship program does not have set "semesters" and we can accommodate different start dates and length of programs.

All applications must be submitted electronically to:

Elizabeth Connolly at

PHIL and PHIL+ Application (.pdf)

Helpful Application Checklist (.pdf)


Candidate selection is based on competitive review of applications from students who demonstrate academic excellence, innovative thinking, and human service mindedness, and who are committed to providing programming and service delivery to meet the complex needs of a diverse community. Students with innovative ideas to help provide meaningful, health-positive service to a diverse community, regardless of specific college major or field of study, are encouraged to apply.

Selection Criteria (.pdf)

Contact Us

For more information or questions, please email: