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Letter to Pools & Beaches

The following is a list of forms pool and beach operators must complete and submit to the Dutchess County Department of Behavioral & Community Health (DBCH) prior to opening your swimming pool/beach.

Application Packet for a permit to operate a swimming pool/bathing beach - including a checklist and workers’ compensation and disability insurance requirements.

Homeowner’s Associations that are exempt from having a lifeguard must comply with specific submission requirements when completing the permit application and the following safety plan statement and checklist.

Safety Plan Statement Form - once completed, will provide written confirmation that your previously approved safety plan accurately represents the staff training and emergency response procedures that will be implemented during the upcoming season. Any changes or additions to your safety plan must be submitted to this office in written form and receive approval. Safety Plan Templates are provided for your use.

Swimming Pool and Bathing Beach Safety Plan Checklist - you must use this to review your facility’s safety plan for the required content. Please check off each item on this sheet under the column labeled “facility operator use.” Once you have completed your plan review, you must sign the back of the form and return it to the Dutchess County Department of Behavioral & Community Health.

These forms as well as other important information relating to the operation of your swimming pool/bathing beach are all available for download on this website. This includes Fact Sheets which outline the Department of Health's approved lifeguard certifications. Certification courses can be found at and

DBCH offers an awareness-heightening presentation on drowning victim recognition. This seminar will be given by Department of Health staff upon receipt of your request. To arrange for a training session, please call the district office that covers your facility.

Beacon District Office   845-838-4801
Millbrook District Office   845-677-4001
Poughkeepsie District Office                                  845-486-3470

All the documents referenced in this letter may be found on this website. If you are unable to access these forms, please contact the Department of Behavioral & Community Health at 845-486-3404.