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The Department of Behavioral & Community Health is happy to send representatives to events throughout the community to educate residents. Simply fill out a Community Event Request Form (.pdf) to request a representative attend.

Healthcare providers can receive guidance about zoonotic by calling 845-486-3402 or accessing DBCH’s  Vector-borne & Zoonotics Information 


Rabies Clinics

The Department sponsors three rabies clinics each year at no charge to county residents, and $10 for pets of non-residents. Sign up for DutchessDelivery to receive a notice when the next Rabies Vaccination Clinic will be scheduled.

Individuals seeking rabies vaccination for their pets may contact their veterinarian or the Dutchess County SPCA.

Rabies Post-Exposure Program

Arrange for rabies vaccine for treatment after rabies exposure. Call 845-486-3404.

Rabies Pre-Exposure Program

Arrange for rabies vaccine for individuals at risk for potential exposure. Call 845-486-3402.

Tick Identification*

DBCH offers a free tick identification service at 85 Civic Center Plaza - Suite 106.  The Tick ID Submission Form (.pdf) must be fully completed and submitted along with the tick. 

*Please note: DBCH does not test the ticks for the presence of Lyme disease or any other disease agent. This service includes identification of the tick and an estimation of attachment time only.