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Real Estate Tax Auction

Below is a list of parcels currently available for purchase. If you wish to purchase a parcel please complete and sign a Purchase Bid Form. Email form to

Purchase Bid Form for County Owned Property Form (.pdf)

Terms and Conditions of Sale (.pdf)

Real Estate Tax Auction Properties (.pdf)


Real Estate Tax Auction Properties

Parcel ID Address Town Acreage Property Class
132200-6659-00-669171-0000 Martin Rd Beekman 1.10 Ac (323) Vacant rural
132800-6458-04-991005-0000 Augusta Dr East Fishkill 0.50 Ac (311) Res vac land
132800-6459-19-683211-0000 28 Quackenbush Rd East Fishkill 0.16 Ac (311) Res vac land
132800-6459-19-701142-0000 1 Johnson Rd East Fishkill 0.18 Ac (311) Res vac land
133200-6066-02-888695-0000 4 S Cross Rd Hyde Park 0.20 Ac (312) Vac w/imprv
133400-6261-04-725356-0000 Titusville Rd LaGrange 0.82 Ac (311) Res vac land
134689-6058-20-865090-0000 Phyllis Rd Poughkeepsie 0.11 Ac (311) Res vac land
135400-6661-00-525289-0000 N Parliman Rd Union Vale 0.30 Ac (311) Res vac land
135689-6359-04-958373-0000 Rose Ln Wappinger 0.82 Ac (311) Res vac land
135689-6259-02-931810-0000 Maloney Rd Wappinger 1.27 Ac (311) Res vac land