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Real Estate Tax Auction

For 2020, in light of certain impediments to enforcement created, in part by the Covid-19 pandemic, Dutchess County has withdrawn the majority of parcels from the 2020 foreclosure proceeding pursuant to Article 11 of the Real Property Tax Law and the annual auction is postponed until Fall 2021. This provides property owners additional time to make payment. However, interest and penalties will continue to accrue during this postponement. To the extent they are able, taxpayers may pay any delinquent taxes during this time to avoid inclusion of their parcel in the 2021 foreclosure and to avoid additional interest and penalties.

Important Documents

57 133200-6164-04-792087-0000 HYDE PARK Lyons Dr 0.02 Acres Res. Vac. Land
85 134400-6463-03-155120-0000 PLEASANT VALLEY Talbot Dr Rear 3.4 Acres Res. Vac. Land
89 134689-6058-20-865090-0000 POUGHKEEPSIE 115A Phyllis Rd 0.11 Acres Res. Vac. Land
106 135089-6270-00-903921-0000 RHINEBECK Route 308 Rear 2.91 Acres Res. Vac. Land