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History Programs

Each year, the Department of History offers public outreach programs to educate and entertain county residents and visitors.

Our primary series are the Dutchess County Historic Tavern Trail and Highlights of Dutchess History.


Highlights of Dutchess History- 2024 Programming

This series explores the many stories that emerge from over 330 years of the documentable past of Dutchess County. Many of these tales have emerged from the Ancient Documents Collection, the records of the Dutchess County Court of Common Pleas from 1721 into the 1830s, which is available at our digital archives project

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Dutchess County Historic Tavern Trail

Dutchess County Historic Tavern TrailThe Historic Tavern Trail brings history and local cuisine together, while introducing the community to iconic locales, with each installment held at a different historic location.   Our 2023 series is a re-launch of this popular program, focused on building partnerships between the local history community and food and beverage industry sites across Dutchess County. All programs are free to attend: you will have the opportunity to make a donation to the local historical society partner.



"The Notorious John Watts de Peyster, Sr: A Legend in His Own Time" at Lasting Joy Brewery, 485 Lasher Road, Tivoli, NY April 19th, 6 PM, with Historic Red Hook.  

The scion of an ancient New York lineage, born into immense wealth and prestige. A general officer who never fired a shot in anger. Tireless campaigner and organizer for the Benedict Arnold “Boot” monument at Saratoga. Winner of “Worst Husband and Father of the Year” award from the Knickerbacker Society for several decades running. Most of these statements accurately describe John Watts de Peyster, Sr, one of the founding lights of the modern village of Tivoli. He was truly a legend during his own lifetime, casting a shadow that still falls across Dutchess County and the Hudson Valley today. 

Join Dutchess County Historian William P. Tatum III, Ph.D., for a rollicking ride through the life and times of General de Peyster. Learn about de Peyster’s egomaniacal contributions to Dutchess County and New York life, and his eventual calamitous fall that left him alone and broken on his Tivoli estate. We are happy to kick off the 2024 Dutchess County Historic Tavern Trail series at Lasting Joy Brewery, one of the latest jewels added to Tivoli’s crown. To RSVP, visit the event page here.

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