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Personal Information and Medical Leave Forms

Change of Personal Information

 Leave of absence

FMLA-Employee Health

FMLA-Family Member

CSEA Employee Forms

CSEA has negotiated a new benefit for its members, which is effective July 1, 2018.  The Paid Family Policy, Question & Answer Sheet and relevant applications are below.

CSEA Paid Family Leave Policy

CSEA Paid Family Leave - Bonding Application

CSEA Paid Family Leave - Care of a Family Member Application

CSEA Paid Family Leave - FMLA Q&A

CSEA Paid Family Leave - Military Leave Application

CSEA Paid Parental Leave Application

CSEA Short Term Disability

If you have any questions, please call Risk Management at 486-2030 or email us at


DCSEA Leave at Half Pay

Sheriff Leave of Absence