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Admission to Examination

Do not interpret a notice to appear for, or actual participation in the examination to mean that you have been found to meet fully the announced requirements. Depending on the time available before an examination applicants may be admitted to the examination on the basis of statements made on the application or conditionally, without prior review of the application. Such statements may not be reviewed and/or verified until after the examination is held. At that time, those candidates not meeting the requirements are disqualified. Candidates who are subsequently disqualified after taking the test will NOT be notified of their score.

Call the Dutchess County Department of Human Resources office immediately if you do not receive a notice within three days of the date of examination informing you whether or not you are to be admitted to the examination.

Alternate Test Dates

May be arranged upon review of circumstances according to the alternate test date policy established by this department.

NOTE: Saturday Sabbath observers, handicapped persons, active military members:  If special arrangements for testing are required, indicate this on your application form.


Most civil service written tests do not require the use of a calculator or slide rule; however, candidates have the option of bringing a quiet, hand-held calculator or a slide rule to the test room unless specifically notified that their use is prohibited.

You may not bring books or other reference materials.

Change of Address

Notify this office immediately of any change of address.

The appropriate change of address form is available under Forms on this site, in the Department of Human Resources office and will be available at the examination center.


Many Civil Service examinations are administered at Dutchess Community College.  Directions to the main campus can be found on the Dutchess Community College website.


Drawing of the Dutchess Community College Campus.
Dutchess County  is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Multiple Examinations

If you have applied for any other Civil Service examinations for employment with New York State or any other local government jurisdiction, you must make arrangements to take all the examinations at one test site no later than two weeks before the test date.

Call 845-486-2169 for further information regarding multiple examinations on the same date.
Cross-Filer Form for Civil Service Examinations (.pdf)

Residence Preference

Preference in appointment from open-competitive lists may be given to candidates who have been residents of the locality in which appointments to be made for at least 30 days prior to certification of the eligible list.

For appointment in some jurisdictions you may be required to become a resident thereof in accordance with law or resolution.


Disabled and non-disabled war veterans who are eligible for additional credits must submit an application for veterans credits.

Candidates who wish to claim veterans credits on an examination should request an application and information sheet from the Dutchess County Department of Human Resources. 

Veteran's application forms (available under Forms on this site) will also be available upon request at the examination center. The completed and notarized forms must be received in the office as soon as possible after the examination date or before the eligible list for this examination is established.


In case of inclement weather the morning of the examination, please call the Examinations Hotline at 845-486-2167 and select option 3.