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Civil Service Forms

Available Forms

The forms in this section are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.pdf). You may fill in the information, print copies and submit those copies to our office, or you may submit them directly by email to

To submit a form directly by email, Adobe Acrobat Standard, Professional, or Adobe Reader Version 7 or later is required (download Adobe Reader). 

Adobe Reader Version 6 users cannot submit the forms contained in section online but can complete the forms online then print and fax them to Dutchess County Department of Human Resources at (845) 486-2186.

Digital Signature

  • For Adobe Reader version 7 or later:
  • After completing the form, click Save A Copy.
  • Open the copy of the form you just saved.
  • Click in the digital signature field to either create a digital signature or use an existing signature to sign the form.
  • FireFox and Google Chrome browsers are not compatible with Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Fillable Form Field or Digital Signature functions.

Dutchess County Application for Employment- Submit this form for review of qualifications of applicant.

New Position Duties Statement (MSD-222) (.pdf)  - Submit this form whenever any new position is to be created. 

Duties Statement (MSD-220) (.pdf) - Submit this form for a change in title for an established position.

Request for Certification of Eligible List (.pdf) - Submit this form to request a Certification of Eligible List from Dutchess County Department of Human Resources.

Report of Personnel Change (.pdf) - Submit this form after nominating a candidate who meets the established minimum qualifications for a position.  Use also to track changes in title, position status and salary for each employee from original appointment through separation from service.

The Report of Personnel Change Form for Dutchess Community College (.pdf)

Report of Salary Change (.pdf) - Submit when your agency changes a number of employees’ salaries with no other changes.

Substitute Appointment (.pdf) - Submit to report the temporary substitute or “on-call” appointment for certain specified titles.

Summer Reporting Forms

2019 Dutchess County Summer Application (.pdf) - To be used for temporary summer employees. This application must be submitted along with the corresponding Summer Reporting Forms for Competitive titles and for Lifeguards, along with copies of required certifications

2019 Dutchess County Department of Human Resources Report of Personnel Change [for Summer Competitive Class Employees Only] (.pdf) - This form is to be used for summer COMPETITIVE Class appointments to the following titles: CAMP COUNSELOR, RECREATION LEADER, CAMP DIRECTOR, CAMP HEALTH OFFICER, CAMP AQUATICS DIRECTOR, RECREATION PROGRAM ASSISTANT, RECREATION SPECIALIST. A Dutchess County Summer Application for each person listed must be submitted with this form. Appointments in these titles should not exceed 3 months.

2019 Dutchess County Department of Human Resources Report of Personnel Change [for Summer Labor Class Employees Only] (.pdf) - This form is to be used for summer Labor Class appointments for the following titles: Cleaners, Laborers, Pages, Pool Attendants, Recreation Assistants, Sports Officials, Student Workers, and Tennis Court Attendants. The appointing authority must review the merit and fitness of each candidate.

Dutchess County 2019 Summer Season Reporting Form [for Temporary Appointments - Title: Lifeguard] (.pdf) - Submit this form with a completed Dutchess County Summer Application and copies of certifications for temporary appointments.