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incarcerated individual's Funds and Commissary

Incarcerated Individual Funds

All incarcerated individuals have commissary accounts created upon admission into the facility. Money can be entered into an incarcerated individual’s commissary account utilizing the following options:

  • In person: Kiosk located in the facility lobby
  • Online: Visit
  • Phone: Call 1-866-232-1899
  • Mail: Not recommended, however cash will be accepted and deposited into an incarcerated individual's account without a service fee.

Please note, commissary services will not be available from March 6th, 2024 – March 19th, 2024. This will include incarcerated individuals ordering items. This will also include a third party (you) from pre-ordering iCare packages for an incarcerated individual. You may still add money to their commissary account via online or over the phone only. However, the funds will not be reflected on the account until commissary is available.


A division of the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office

Before making a deposit please, note:


Dutchess County Jail has a commissary program that offers health, beauty, food, beverage, snack and general merchandise items for sale to incarcerated individuals. Incarcerated individuals will only be allowed up to two (2) orders per week in commissary items. These weekly orders cannot exceed $115, with an $85 per order limit. 


Instead of adding money to an incarcerated individual's account, you can purchase an “iCare” package of commissary items in advance and send to the incarcerated individual. Please visit for a step-by-step purchase and delivery guide. 

Before purchasing an iCare package please, note:

Fresh Favorites

In addition to commissary items, incarcerated individuals can also purchase additional “Fresh Favorite” meals, which are available each week.  Incarcerated individuals can order “Fresh Favorite” meals at the facility if he or she has funds available.

“Fresh Favorite” meals are counted towards an incarcerated individual's weekly commissary order.