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General Visitation Rules for the Dutchess County Jail

You can also download or view a .pdf version of the visitation rules

The inmates of Dutchess County Jail, their loved ones and our staff can be assured that all guidance as given from the Centers for Disease Control and the local Department of Behavioral Health is being followed during this time. Listed below are general practices that have been put into place to do our part to stop the spread of covid-19. 

Revised February 26, 2020 (All previous editions are obsolete)


  1. Each inmate is entitled to one (1) booth (non-contact) visit upon the first twenty-four (24) hours of their incarceration. This booth (non-contact) visit is limited to twenty (20) minutes and does not count toward the inmate’s weekly visitation allowance.
  2. After the first twenty-four (24) hours has passed, each inmate is only permitted two (2), one (1) hour visits per week. Contact visits are conducted each week on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. THERE ARE NO CONTACT VISITS ON SATURDAYS, MONDAYS OR HOLIDAYS. Booth (non-contact) visits are conducted every day, except holidays. This facility adheres to the County of Dutchess holiday schedule..
  3. Some inmates may not be eligible for a contact visit, therefore a booth (non-contact) visit will be allowed. Please contact the facility prior to the visit to see if the inmate you are attempting to visit is able to have contact visits.
  4. All visits are scheduled on a “walk-in basis”, based on availability. “Walk-in” is defined as a visitor coming to the facility and immediately being signed in for the contact or booth (non-contact), if availability permits. Visitors cannot sign up or reserve a visit via phone. ALL VISITS (CONTACT OR BOOTH) ARE TO BE SCHEDULED IN PERSON ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS.
  5. There is only one (1) booth visit room. A maximum of one (1) inmate and their visitor(s) is allowed at a time. Booth visit times are as follows:
    8:30am – 9:30am
    9:50am - 10:50am
    12:20pm – 1:20pm
    1:50pm - 2:50pm
    5:30pm – 6:30pm
    6:30pm – 7:30pm
    Visitors must be signed in by 3:30pm for the evening booth visit session

  6. Contact visit times are as follows:

    General Population Contact Visits:
    Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    8:30am – 10:50am and 12:20pm – 2:50pm
    ** Visitors must be signed in no later than 9:30am for the morning session **
    ** Visitors must be signed in no later than 1:30pm for the afternoon session **

    8:30am – 10:50am and 12:20pm – 2:00pm
    ** Visitors must be signed in no later than 9:30am for the morning session **
    ** Visitors must be signed in no later than 12:45pm for the afternoon session **

    Special Classified Contact Visits:
    Sunday and Friday
    7:30am – 8:30am
    ** Visitors must be signed in no later than 7:15am for this session **

    2:10pm – 3:10pm
    ** Visitors must be signed in no later than 2:00pm for this session **

  7. Visitors cannot request a booth (non-contact) visit for an inmate that is eligible for contact visits.
  8. Once the visitor and the inmate are seated in the visitation room, the one (1) hour session will begin.
  9. Each inmate is allowed two (2) adults, one (1) adult and two (2) children, or two (2) adults and one (1) child to visit them at a time.
  10. Only the following forms of photo government issued identification will be accepted:
    •    Driver’s license or Non-Driver’s photo identification card;
    •    New York State Benefit Card; or
    •    Passport.
  11. Any visitor under the age of eighteen (18) will only be allowed to visit an inmate if a facility issued Parental Permission Slip is completed. This form must be completed and signed at the facility and be supported by the child’s original birth certificate (for age verification) and an approved form of parental/ legal guardian ID.
  12. All visitors must walk through and successfully clear the metal detector wearing all clothing and shoes without the metal detector sounding the alarm. Visitors with a documented medical appliance need to submit proof from a doctor confirming said appliance. The documentation must state their inability to (successfully) pass through the metal detector. These visitors will be hand scanned prior to the visit. The medical documentation will be filed for one (1) year. VISITORS WHO FAIL TO SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE THE SCANNING PROCESS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED ACCESS TO THE CONTACT VISIT ROOM OR THE BOOTH (NON-CONTACT) VISIT ROOM.


  • The facility requires each visitor to adhere to a dress code, a copy of which is available at the front desk in the main lobby.
  • Visitors are not permitted to park in permit parking. Any visitor parked in permit parking will have their visit terminated for the day. 
  • Cell phone use is prohibited in the lobby at all times. Visitors must have their cell phones turned off or on silent while stored in the locker during their visit. Violations will result in your visit being terminated. 
  • Visitors will not be permitted to enter the contact visit room or booth visit room in layered clothing, ripped clothing, orange clothing, hooded clothing or tank tops.
  • Visitors must wear clothing that is size appropriate. If visitors wear clothing that is too small or excessively big, they will be prohibited from visiting the inmate.
  • It is strongly recommended that visitors do not wear “bib” style jeans, button fly jeans, underwire bras or shoes containing metal supports. These items cause the electronic scanner to sound its alarm and will result in a denial of access to the visit. Sneakers are strongly recommended.
  • Visitors may not bring any items into the contact visit room or booth visit room. The only exception will be baby care items. Baby care items will be restricted to one (1) clear see-thru plastic bottle or one (1) clear see-thru sippy cup.
  • All personal items must be left in the visitor’s locker. (i.e. combs, pen/pencils, cosmetics, food items, beverages, gum, tobacco products, money, wallets, cell phones, keys, coats, hats, plastic/metal barrettes and unapproved jewelry.) The only exceptions will be an approved wedding band and an approved religious medal, no larger than two (2) inches with a chain. 
  • An inmate and his or her visitor(s) are required to adhere to conduct which is consistent with the standard of public decency.
  • Physical contact between visitors and inmates is prohibited, except at the beginning and the end of a visit. A hug and/or closed mouth kiss are the only physical contact allowed and will be conducted in the presence of the visit room officer.
  • An inmate and his or her visitor(s) are directly responsible for the conduct and behavior of children in their charge. Children must remain seated and within the immediate area of the inmate and visitor(s) at all times.
  • Any visitor caught standing on the walkway or driveway and yelling up to someone or having a conversation with an inmate will be subject to a loss of his or her privileges for a minimum of thirty (30) days.
  • Smoking is not permitted on county property. Anyone caught smoking on county property will be subject to a loss of his or her visiting privileges for a minimum of thirty (30) days. 
  • Violating any of the rules stated herein, posted within the main lobby, or the contact visit room will result in the termination of a visit and/or possible additional penalties. 


  • Sneakers are the only items that a person can bring to the facility for an inmate. Sneakers can be dropped off to the facility for an inmate on Mondays only from 8:30am-10:30am and 12:30pm-2:30pm.
  • All sneakers must be flat soled, metal free, without air bubbles and in good repair or new condition only and will be subject to a search by a K-9 unit before acceptance.
  • Inmates are only allowed to receive one (1) pair of sneakers every six (6) months.