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New York Sheriff's Victim's Hotline

1-888-VINE-NY (1-888-846-3469)
Statewide Victim Assistance & Notification 24- Hours A Day

Many victims live in fear that the criminal offender who victimized them may someday return to do so again. For these victims and their families and friends, it is important to know if that offender is incarcerated in a correctional facility - and to know if and when that offender is released from custody.

It has often been difficult for a victim to obtain timely and accurate information about an offender's custody status - information so important to the victim's peace of mind. That is why the Dutchess County Sheriff has joined with his fellow Sheriffs across the State of New York to implement the New York Sheriffs' VICTIM HOTLINE. Now with just one toll-free phone call, a citizen can immediately learn the custody status of any offender housed in any of New York's county jails or other county correctional facilities.

In addition to providing custody status information to callers, the New York Sheriffs' VICTIM HOTLINE also has an automatic notification feature. Any victim can register with the New York Sheriffs' VICTIM HOTLINE to be automatically notified if an offender's custody status should change. This feature eliminates the need for a victim to constantly call the Sheriffs' VICTIM HOTLINE to verify the offender's status.


A division of the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office

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