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Frequently Asked Questions - William R. Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Where is the Dutchess Rail Trail Park?

The 13.4-mile, Dutchess Rail Trail Park will begin at the Walkway over the Hudson in the City of Poughkeepsie and follow the former Maybrook railroad r-o-w to the Old Hopewell Depot, just outside Hopewell Junction in the Town of East Fishkill.

Q.  What type of surface does the trail have and what types of users are allowed?

The  Dutchess Rail Trail Park has a consistent paved path at least ten foot in width for the entire length, but with additional width of pavement north of Route 55 in the Town of Poughkeepsie, and a parallel soft surface south of Diddell Road for those walkers, joggers and cyclists that prefer a soft surface. The trail is designed to be used by all non-motorized users.

Q.  How does the trail deal with road crossings?

A variety of options are used on the Dutchess Rail Trail Park, from simple signage and striping, to pedestrian warning lights, to grade-separated crossings (bridges). The type of crossing proposed at any particular road was determined on a case by case basis, based on the available sight distances, volume and speed of traffic, grades of the trail approaches and an analysis of available gaps in traffic, which are needed to allow users to safely cross roads at grade. A preliminary decision was made to provide grade-separated crossings (bridges) at Titusville Road in the Town of LaGrange, Maloney Road in the Town of Wappinger and Route 376, just outside Fishkill Plains in the Town of East Fishkill. As part of this project, NYSDOT will reconstruct the bridge over Route 55, the Wappinger Creek and Titusville Road, in the Manchester Bridge area at the border of the Towns of LaGrange and Poughkeepsie.

Q.  What types amenities are being considered for the Dutchess Rail Trail Park?

Dutchess County is currently considering the types of amenities that can be provided as part of the federal transportation project to construct the Dutchess Rail Trail Park and which ones will we have to seek donations or sponsorships for. Because the construction of the trail is 80% funded by federal transportation dollars, there are limits as to what can be included as part of the project.

At the initial Dutchess Rail Trail Park public informational meetings, people spoke about traditional rail trail amenities such as: benches, informational kiosks, restroom facilities, water stations, mile markers and wayfinding maps. In addition, a pavilion with bathrooms and fitness stations were also discussed. No decisions have yet been made on inclusion of these features, but an effort to seek outside support for these items has recently been launched.