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Agricultural Resources Inventory

Dutchess County’s agricultural diversity has been hailed as one of its most unique qualities – from traditional livestock farming and fruit/vegetable operations to local distilleries and newer farming ventures, such as u-pick farms and community supported agriculture – all types of farms are present and thriving in Dutchess County. Just as Dutchess County agriculture is diverse, the resources available to the agricultural industry are equally diverse.

As an update to the 2015 Dutchess County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan’s Inventory of Resources appendix, the Agricultural Resources Inventory Application (ARIA) is a searchable application which includes descriptions and contact information for a variety of agricultural entities, running the gamut of county, regional, state, and federal agencies and organizations, as well as virtual food hubs. Organized by desired topic, this application will aid farmers, producers, the public, and municipal officials in navigating and further utilizing these agricultural resources.


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