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Consolidated and Expedited Permit Application

In an effort to encourage and facilitate investment and job creation, Dutchess County has established a consolidated and expedited permitting and review process for "priority projects." A priority project is defined as a project meeting one of the following economic development criteria:

  1. Creates at least 10 permanent, full-time equivalent non-construction jobs;
  2. Cleans up and develop abandoned, contaminated or underused property;
  3. Develops a mix of different but compatible uses near transportation facilities and infrastructure ("transit-oriented development");
  4. Develops green technologies; or
  5. Has been designated a Priority Project by the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council.

The project will be evaluated based on the following economic impact factors:

  1. A project's proposed wage and skill levels compared to those in the surrounding area,
  2. The extent to which the project will diversify and strengthen the local,
  3. The project's total capital investment, and
  4. The extent to which the project is consistent with the local comprehensive plan.

Download the instructions and application (.pdf)