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Traffic Counts

The Dutchess County Transportation Council (DCTC) collects and analyzes traffic data each year. This data is used to understand how our roads are used, track trends, assist with planning, and prioritize project funding. Other agencies and private businesses also use this information for project planning.

Our traffic count program includes close to 800 roadway segments on county and local roads. Approximately 250 traffic counts are conducted each year, so that most road segments are counted every three years. Most counts includes volume, speed, and vehicle type. We also receive data from NYSDOT for State highways.

We maintain an online database of traffic counts, going back to 1996. You can search for counts based on the road name, State or County Route number, year of the count, or municipality. The database provides a summary table of the data, as well as the ability to export the table to Microsoft Excel or pdf and to download a more detailed pdf report.

Database and Additional Data