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The collection and analysis of data is an important component of understanding our local communities. We look at a variety of data surrounding the topics of planning, housing, homelessness, transportation, agriculture, and the U.S. Census. Creating connections across borders, this data helps to understand the trends and patterns of development, population changes, travel tendencies, and land use in Dutchess County. This data also helps to inform current planning projects and identify future topics of study.

Major Projects

Annual report of select information about development proposals in Dutchess County

Agricultural Data

American Community Survey (ACS)

1-Year and 5-Year estimates based on a sampling of the population, by the US Census Bureau

Decennial Census

Full count of entire country taken once every ten years, by US Census Bureau

Rental Housing Survey

Annual point-in-time survey of rental housing market in Dutchess County

Traffic Counts

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Mapping

Parcel Access, Bicycle Parking Finder, Historic Resource Survey, and more!

GIS Services

GIS analysis and custom map creation

GIS Data

Ordering Dutchess County GIS data sets, and list of outside GIS resources