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How to Ride

Please keep your feet, packages and personal belongings out of the aisles. Please do not put your personal belongings on a seat that can be occupied, especially when the bus is crowded. When traveling with an infant and a baby stroller, the stroller should be folded before entering the bus and should remain folded for the duration of the trip.

Rider Guide

Plan your trip using our Trip Planner or take a look at our Interactive System Map to find routes and stops.

For additional trip planning assistance, call 845-473-8424.


All bus stops are marked with a sign that lists the Stop ID serving that location. Verify that you are at the right location by checking the stop ID listed on the sign.

Be sure to arrive at the stop at least five minutes before the scheduled departure time. As the bus approaches, signal to the driver that you wish to board.


Pay your fare when you board the bus. If you need to transfer, be sure to advise the driver of your final destination. Get more information on how to pay your fare.


When the bus gets close to your stop, pull the cord near the window or push the signal button.