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Annual Pavement Management Program

Dutchess County’s Annual Pavement Management Program uses a variety of different pavement treatment options to extend the life of the County’s roadways, while improving the ride-ability and safety of the County highway system.


Treatments used include:

Specialty Surface Treatments: (Paver-Placed Surface Treatment, Fiber Mat w/ surface treatment, Slurry-Seal & Chip-Seal) - These treatments are used on roads in good shape to provide a new wearing surface.  Some of these treatments are for low traffic volume roads or to add traction to road with slippery surfaces.

Public Works employees treating roadway with specialty surface treatment

Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) resurfacing - This process adds 2 inches of new pavement on top of roads that are in good shape to provide a new riding surface and extend the roads’ life.

Pubic Works employees pouring hot mix asphalt

Hot In-Place Recycling - This treatment heats and rejuvenates the top course of the road (approximately 1 - 1 1/2 inches) to prep the road to receive a new riding surface.  It is used on roads with a good profile to fix problems with the surface.

Hot In-Place Recycling treatment

Cold In-Place Recycling - This process grinds up approximately the top 4 inches of the existing pavement and subbase, mixes it with emulsion and replaces it.  The treatment corrects the road’s profile and removes potholes, while recycling the material (requiring that less virgin material be added) and prepares the road to receive a new riding surface.

Pubic Works employees applying Cold In-Place Recycling treatment

The goal of the annual program is to maintain County Highways in an average to excellent condition by addressing deteriorating pavement conditions well before a total rehabilitation of the roadways are necessary. This saves the county money, maintains the safety of the travelling public and diminishes regular wear and tear on vehicles that use the system. The following slides show the advantages of having an annual program, instead of just letting the roads deteriorate until they need to be rebuilt.

View the Annual Pavement Management Program: Comparative Costs of Pavement Management System vs Road Rehabilitation at End of Useful Life (.pdf)

Factors Considered in Determining which County Road Segments will be Included in the Annual Pavement Management Program

Each spring, a review is completed of the conditions of all County Routes and combined with consideration of many additional factors to develop a list of potential County Highway pavement management projects. Items that are considered include, but are not limited to:

  • A Pavement Scoring System, which objectively rates the condition of the pavement on County Routes, basis on an annual visual inspection.
  • Traffic Data (i.e. average daily trips, ADT)
  • Economic Impacts and Developments
  • History of Road Maintenance and Improvement Projects
  • Types of Pavement Treatments needed