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2019 Annual Summary

The Annual Summary contains the following information:

  • Recycling Rate - A recycling rate is determined by totaling the amount of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris disposed of, then totaling the amount recycled, and dividing the recycled amount by the combined total.
    • Rethinking Waste Projections and Actual Rates
  • Organics Diversion - The diversion of food scraps, leaves and brush for composting is an essential part of recycling, and increasing food scrap diversion is a critical component to increasing the County’s recycling rate.
  • Facilities
    • Recycling
    • Transfer Stations
    • Composting
    • Resource Recovery Agency (RRA) operation of the Waste-to-Energy Facility (WTE)
    • Reuse
  • 2019 Accomplishments

2019 Summary