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Solid Waste Management

The Division of Solid Waste Management of the Dutchess County Department of Planning and Development formulates programs for the collection and disposal of solid waste (discarded material) generated within Dutchess County.

Our main function is to implement the Dutchess County Local Solid Waste Management Plan, Rethinking Waste.

The three main goals of the plan are: 

  • Reducing the amount of waste generated within Dutchess County 

  • Increasing the amount of waste that is recycled and reused
  • Converting the remaining waste to electricity through waste-to-energy disposal; minimizing the use of landfill disposal


News and Announcements

Paint Collection Program

The New York State Postconsumer Paint Collection Program began on May 1, 2022. For drop-off locations and program information, please visit the PaintCare New York program page.

Local Solid Waste Management Plan

Dutchess County has prepared a draft ten-year Local Solid Waste Management Plan pursuant to N.Y. Environmental Conservation Law §27-0107. The public comment period on the draft Plan has concluded.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Paint : We do not accept latex paint at our events. Dry the paint using kitty litter, sawdust or the sun. Re-lid the can, put in a sturdy plastic bag and throw in the trash. Please see our How to Get Rid of Paint  flyer (pdf.) for more information.  You can also go to the PaintCare New York program page for information on New York State Postconsumer Paint Collection Program and for paint drop-off locations near you.

Fluorescent bulbs: CFL's can be dropped off at retailer drop boxes, such as at Lowes and Home Depot. If bringing fluorescent tubes to an event, which are considered hazardous waste not electronics, please tape together or put in a box to prevent breakage.

Air conditioners: We do not accept air conditioners at our events. Please see our list of places that accept air conditioners on our Transfer Station page.  

Smoke detectors: We do not accept smoke detectors at our events. Please review this article. If your detector is photoelectric, please remove the battery and throw it in your household trash.


Farms, Businesses and Schools:   

A hazardous waste collection event for businesses, schools and farms that generate less than 220 pounds of hazardous waste per month was held May 20, 2022. Please check back for updates in early 2023 for next year's date. 


Recycling videos: 

Our Recycling Educator has developed an Earth Day video. While mainly for elementary school children, it's enjoyable for everyone! Learn more about recycling with this YouTube video: Earth Day Recycling Video. 

Learn about why we should recycle and what to recycle with this YouTube video: Dutchess County Recycling Video.  

Recycle Right Dutchess!

Each month we will be focusing on a recycling topic to support efforts to reduce contamination in household recycling across Dutchess County. 


Services and Solutions

Solid Waste Hauler Information

Licensed Haulers

Companies licensed in Dutchess County to collect, transfer, transport, store or dispose of solid waste


Recycling complaint form, businesses, haulers and scrap metal annual recycling report forms.

License Application

Hauler license application form (.pdf)

Reports, Regulations and Laws