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Transportation Plan

Moving Dutchess Forward is our seventh Metropolitan Transportation Plan, continuing a four-decade history of transportation planning in Dutchess County. The plan serves as our strategic guiding document for improving transportation in the county over the next 25 years.

Moving Dutchess Forward is unlike our previous transportation plans. Instead of focusing on infrastructure for the sake of infrastructure, we focus on people – specifically, how our transportation system enables or prevents people from participating in the basics of life (housing, work, education, services, etc.). In addition, the plan is digital – designed to be explored online, and built to be flexible and interactive, with maps and visuals. It looks at the policies and infrastructure needed to improve access, considering safety, reliability, and basic needs. It also looks at equity to understand how access is different for various population groups and identifies locations where we need to carefully consider the effects of our transportation decisions and investments.

The plan’s vision statement summarizes our goals: By 2045, Dutchess County’s transportation system will be safer, more reliable, resilient, and equitable. For a brief overview of the plan, see our Executive Summary (.pdf).

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