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Transportation Council

The Dutchess County Transportation Council (DCTC) serves as the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Dutchess County. Federal statutes require that urbanized areas with over 50,000 people be represented by an MPO. The main duty of an MPO is to ensure that federal transportation funds are committed through a locally driven, comprehensive planning process. Since 1982, we have provided a forum for state and local government to solve transportation issues and reach consensus on federally-supported transportation plans and projects in Dutchess County. 

How to Get Involved

All of our meetings are open to the public. You can also join our public information email list to receive notices of our upcoming meetings and project announcements. Our publications are posted on this website and paper copies are available upon request. 

Contact Mark Debald, Transportation Program Administrator, or email us if you have questions about the Transportation Council or its activities. You can also use our Public Comment Form (.pdf) to leave a comment or request to be added to our email list.

Dutchess County Transportation Council


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News and Announcements

Moving Dutchess Forward
We're continuing work on a new long-range transportation plan for Dutchess County. Moving Dutchesss Forward will become our strategic plan to improve transportation in Dutchess County over the next 25 years. Visit the Moving Dutchesss Forward site to learn more about this exciting look into the future, and check out our latest Funding Priorities tool to share your thoughts and help us prioritize how we allocate future transportation funding.

Arlington Main Street Redesign Initiative
We've completed our study of the Arlington Main Street corridor from Grand to Taft Ave. This initiative focused on creating a detailed, conceptual design for the area, and also identified issues, costs, and actions necessary to make the corridor a Complete Street - a facility that promotes safe, comfortable, and convenient travel for people of all ages and abilities, regardless of how they travel. For more information and to read the final report, visit the Arlington Main Street Redesign Initiative webpage.

Poughkeepsie 9.44.55
We're pursuing a detailed examination of the Route 9/44/55 interchange and 44/55 arterials in Poughkeepsie.Titled Poughkeepsie 9.44.55, we're looking at how these facilities might be redesigned to improve safety, simplify travel, and connect better with the community. Visit our virtual meeting page to learn about the design concepts we've developed for the interchange and our Poughkeepsie 9.44.55 page to learn more about the study. 

New Planning Program
We've adopted a new planning program for the 2021-2022 State Fiscal Year - formally known as the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), it identifies our planning tasks and budgets for the year. Please see our DCTC 2021-2022 UPWP (.pdf) for details.