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About the Water and Wastewater Authority

The Dutchess County Water and Wastewater Authority is a public benefit corporation that was established in 1991 by an act of the State, at the request of Dutchess County.

The mission of the Authority is to protect and enhance the health, environmental sustainability and economic stability of Dutchess County and its residents through the provision of clean drinking water and proper treatment of wastewater, acting at all times with a commitment to accountability and transparency.  As an owner and operator of water and wastewater systems, the Authority is committed to the provision of reliable water and wastewater service with quality customer service and at a reasonable cost, commensurate with the cost of proper operation and environmental stewardship.  Through our knowledgeable and innovative team of professionals, the Authority offers assistance to the County and its municipalities in all issues related to the planning, development, financing and operation of water and wastewater infrastructure, and the identification of aquifer and other groundwater sources.

The Authority is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the County Executive and the County Legislature. Thomas LeGrand, a Rhinebeck businessman, chairs the Board of Directors.  Vincent J. DiMaso, a commercial real estate broker living in the Town of Poughkeepsie, is the Vice Chairperson.  Rudy Vavra, an artist with a background in environmental design architecture from Milan, serves as Treasurer. Michael Cotton, a licensed Professional Engineer spent 46 years with the Department of Transportation and serves as the Secretary. Ex-officio board members include Eoin Wrafter, Acting Commissioner of Dutchess County Planning and Development, and Brian Scoralick, Executive Director of the Soil and Water Conservation District.  Will Truitt is the County Legislature Liaison.

Bridget Barclay heads up the Authority staff as the Executive Director, with Michael Keating as Deputy Director/Project Manager, Richard Winchester as the Director of Operations, and Kimberly Gutwein as the Finance Director.


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