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Water and Wastewater Authority

The Authority is an independent public benefit corporation established, at the request of the County of Dutchess, by an act of the State Legislature and governed by an appointed Board of Directors. The mission of the Authority is to protect and enhance the health, environmental sustainability and economic stability of Dutchess County and its residents through the provision of clean drinking water and proper treatment of wastewater, acting at all times with a commitment to accountability and transparency. 

As an owner and operator of water and wastewater systems, the Authority is committed to the provision of reliable water and wastewater service with quality customer service and at a reasonable cost, commensurate with the cost of proper operation and environmental stewardship. 

Through our knowledgeable and innovative team of professionals, the Authority offers assistance to the County and its municipalities in all issues related to the planning, development, financing and operation of water and wastewater infrastructure, and the identification of aquifer and other groundwater sources. 


All About the Water and Wastewater Authority

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