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Youth Services - Path to Promise

"Path to Promise" strives to ensure that all young people in Dutchess County – from birth through age 19 – have the assets they need to achieve their full potential as they grow into young adults.

Dutchess County engaged the nationally renowned Public Consulting Group (PCG) to assess youth services throughout Dutchess County – both public and private – and create an innovative framework for helping local children reach their potential. Dutchess County is using this framework to compare the County’s needs to current activities in the community, helping the County and community better understand the areas and age groups with the most resources, as well as which areas need additional investment.

There was extensive public outreach throughout the process as the community shared information about what services exist, who is served, how well the needs of the community are met, and where new services may be needed. 



Path to Promise Executive Overview (.pdf)

Path to Promise Executive Summary (.pdf)
This document reviews the history of the “Path to Promise” initiative – from inception and planning, to the actions already taken and the future steps.

Path to Promise: Implementation Roadmap (.pdf)
The Implementation Roadmap was developed with input from the community, including: youth, funders, parents, providers, community members, and all the work teams chartered to help spearhead this effort. The document includes the framework synopsis, the vision statements, impact outcomes, performance indicators and data measurements, and strategies to support the Path to Promise framework.

Government Youth Services Assessment (.pdf)
This report is a comprehensive assessment of how county government provides services and assistance to young people, along with some recommendations for increased efficiencies and coordination among departments that offer services to youth, from birth to 19 years old.  Data throughout the report reflects County-wide research and information collected, as of January 2018.

Assessing Youth Services & Designing the Dutchess County Path-to-Promise Action Plan: Youth and Parent/Guardian Survey (.pdf)
Includes responses to survey questions seeking input from the perspective of parents/guardians as well as youths.

Assessing Youth Services & Designing the Dutchess County Path-to-Promise Action Plan: Gap Analysis (.pdf)
This document collects the observations and analysis done by the Dutchess County Path- to- Promise Change Team to establish a framework of key youth development domains, identify well- established physical assets that can support those domains, and identify areas that are current strengths and opportunities for increased investment. The work here is not intended to comprehensively capture every need and every program offered in the community, but rather to identify what is most important for youth development by the community; detect what resources are best positioned to address those needs; and determine what gaps in the service array need to be addressed.

Dutchess County Asset Inventory (.xlsx)
The inventory is not intended to capture every youth program or youth serving agencies in Dutchess County. Rather it is a listing of existing sustainable assets that the County can capitalize on, and how they relate to the youth development domains of the Path to Promise framework. 

Brochure (.pdf)

If there are any agencies/programs that should be added, or any edits to the current inventory, please contact us at