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Youth Services - Path to Promise

Announced by County Executive Molinaro in his 2017 State of the County address, the "Path to Promise" strives to ensure that all young people in Dutchess County – from birth through age 19 – have the assets they need to achieve their full potential as they grow into young adults.

Dutchess County engaged the nationally renowned Public Consultant Group (PCG) to assess youth services throughout Dutchess County – both public and private – and create an innovative framework for helping local children reach their potential. Dutchess County will use this framework to compare the County’s needs to current activities in the community, helping the County and community better understand the areas and age groups with the most resources, as well as which areas need additional investment.

There will be extensive public outreach throughout the process as the community is asked to share information about what services exist, who is served, how well the needs of the community are met, and where new services may be needed. In fall 2018, Dutchess County Government will assemble a youth summit, which will corroborate findings and recommendations while engaging local youth and seek their input.

Results of the analysis and the Path to Promise framework and strategic action plan will be posted on this site…stay tuned!