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Document Search Applications

County Clerk Document Search Application

This enhanced County Clerk system allows customers to search and view digital images of 1,300,000 filed land and legal documents. Images may be viewed on-line free-of-charge. To download or print documents there is a $0.50/page charge. Certified copies are available through the Record Room at 22 Market Street.

As you use the new system, an On-line Help section is available to assist you in finding the information and documents you need. If you encounter any technical issues, please fill out our Contact Form. If you have questions about the actual data, please use Your Dutchess Direct to contact the County Clerk.

Legislature Resolution Search

In order to provide greater transparency of government and self-service opportunities, Dutchess County now provides a public access portal for searching Resolutions from the County Legislature. This application is part of a multi-year Enterprise Content Management (ECM) initiative that is transforming County operations.  This is the first use of the County’s new ECM system to improve public access to important, frequently requested documents.
At the time of writing, resolutions as far back as 1999 are available.  Prior years will be forthcoming.

Ancient Document Search

The County Clerk Ancient Document Search allows you to explore digital images of 37,000 pages of eighteenth-century legal documents. These records comprise the oldest surviving manuscripts from the Dutchess County Court of Common Pleas and General Sessions, which began operation in 1721 through 1786 (document numbers 1-11400). These documents detail daily life in Dutchess County as seen through both civil and criminal cases that came before the judges and justices of the peace.

Vital Records

Birth, death and marriage records are maintained in the offices of the City or Town where the birth, death or marriage occurred, as well as in the State Office of Vital Records. The County Clerk's Office does have marriage certificates from 1907-1935 only. There are no birth, death or marriage records in NYS prior to 1880.