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Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is the process of working with an individual who has had an infectious disease such as COVID-19 and identifying people that person has potentially been in contact with.   Those people are then contacted and notified of possible exposure so they can take proper precautions and not further spread the virus.   Providing complete information to contact tracers helps to limit the number of new cases and keep the community safer.

What You Should Know

It can take several days for a Contact List to be developed and deployed. 

If you believe you have been exposed or have questions about quarantine related to COVID exposure or travel, please visit the appropriate page for more information:

If you have not received a call from a Contact Tracer more than 5 days after exposure; or if you cannot get in touch with your contact tracer, or if you need food, supplies, or housing; or if you have another related COVID-19 inquiry, you may leave a message at the Dutchess County Coronavirus Information Line at (845) 486-3555 (for Spanish, press 9). A public health representative will return your call within one to two business days. 

If You Get a Call from a Contact Tracer

What you should know if you get a call:

If you get a call from “NYS Contact Tracing” (518-387-9993),  PLEASE answer the phone. Answering the phone and providing complete information will keep your loved ones and community safe.

A contact tracer will:

  • NEVER ask for your Social Security number
  • NEVER ask for any private financial information
  • NEVER ask for credit card information
  • NEVER send you a link without proper authentication procedures


If you are employed in a job where you may have an elevated risk for exposure or you feel you may be at risk for exposure, the COVID ALERT NYS application is a helpful tool that can notify you when you have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.  Once alerted, you will be able to quickly take steps to reduce the spread to your family and community. 

If You Have Questions

If you have not received a call from a Contact Tracer but believe you have been exposed, or if you have questions about your quarantine (related to COVID exposure or travel), please contact the Dutchess County Coronavirus Information at (845) 486-3555 and select the Contact Tracing option to leave a message and you will be contacted. 

For more information visit the New York State Contact Tracing Program