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County Attorney

The County Attorney is the sole legal advisor for the Executive Branch of County Government.   The Department of Law is responsible for protecting the interests of the County in all judicial matters involving the County in state and federal courts as well as administrative proceedings.  It further provides legal advice to the County Executive and all executive departments of the County.  The goal of the Department of Law is to provide excellent legal services to the County of Dutchess in a comprehensive, efficient and collegial manner.

The County Attorney’s Office either directs or actively participates in the following legal related activities:

  • Claims and Litigation
  • Resolutions and Local Laws
  • Grievance and PERB Proceedings
  • Labor Contract Negotiations
  • Federal and State Grants
  • Opinions and Legal Research
  • Contracts, Agreements, Leases
  • Family Court
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Social Services Proceedings
  • Personnel and Labor Relations

The County Attorney’s Office also handles the following types of matters: prosecution of juvenile delinquents and Persons In Need of Supervision in Family Court, eminent domain proceedings, highway/right-of-way takings, real property tax enforcement actions, tax refunds, Health Department legal proceedings, and the Federal Urban County Program, as well as miscellaneous litigation challenging bid awards on county projects and challenges to the In Rem tax enforcement action.


County Attorney Services and Information