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Improved fund balance, increased sales-tax revenues point to positive long-term outlook

Published: 5/1/2015

Poughkeepsie… Dutchess County Legislature Chairman Rob Rolison and legislative colleagues today issued statements following the release of the 2014 year-end unaudited fiscal report by county Budget and Finance officials:

“The county’s improved fiscal position is a direct result of the leadership from the top and the transformational vision County Executive Molinaro has brought to local government. The savings my colleagues and I in the legislature achieved through responsible financial management and effective collaboration have resulted in a replenished fund balance of $39.9 million in 2014 and an upgraded AA+ bond rating from Standard and Poor’s. And a deeper fund balance means more long-term fiscal stability and protections for hardworking taxpayers with the greater ability to provide future relief,” said Rolison.

“The positive outlook reported by our county’s Budget and Finance departments is great news for taxpayers and job creators. As Chairman of the Budget, Finance, and Personnel committee, I have been dedicated to holding the line on spending while contributing to a county government that is leaner and more responsive to the people it serves. With a fund-balance increase and upgraded fiscal position, Dutchess County is in its best financial shape in years,” said Dale Borchert (District 3 – LaGrange), Budget, Finance, and Personnel Committee Chairman.

“As Chairman of the Public Works and Capital Projects committee, the report of the county’s much-improved fiscal condition is welcome news for responsible investments in infrastructure and long-term growth. I applaud County Executive Molinaro for collaborating closely with my legislative colleagues and I as we increased Dutchess County’s fund balance to nearly $40 million and upgraded our bond rating. These factors can contribute to the long-term financial stability of our community and lead to greater tax protections for our families and seniors,” said Gerald Hutchings (District 22 – Beekman/Union Vale), Public Works and Capital Projects Committee Chairman.

A copy of the 2014 report can be found here.