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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

COVID-19 Info & Vaccine Updates

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COVID-19 vaccine distribution is currently being managed by New York State. Learn more about the State’s plan on its website.

New York State's COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline: 1-833-697-4829 open 7am-10pm, 7 days a week to schedule appointments for eligible individuals.

Dutchess County Government has established initial Point of Dispensing (POD) locations throughout the county to vaccinate eligible individuals by appointment only

PLEASE NOTE: Appointments are expected to fill extremely quickly as current vaccine supply is very limited. Eligible residents should anticipate it may be several weeks before they can get an appointment as demand far exceeds supply. Additional appointments will be made available as soon as more doses are received from the State.

Remain Vigilant

While vaccines are being distributed, please be sure you continue to wear masks, maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from others, avoid gatherings, and practice good hygiene with washing hands and sneezing or coughing into your elbow.

Who can get a vaccine?

New York State is currently distributing COVID-19 vaccines, as part of its phased plan, to high-risk priority population groups. Learn more about who is currently eligible on the State’s website.

You can also check your eligibility on the State's "Am I Eligible?" applicationThe application will ask for information such as your name, where you live, and what you do for a living. If you are in a priority group currently eligible for vaccination, the site will show you the locations of nearby health care providers who can give you the vaccine.

If it’s not yet your turn, you can check back anytime to find out when the time is right.

Phase 1a

Eligible individuals in phase 1a of the State's plan include:

  • All high-risk, in-person healthcare workers
  • EMS workers
  • Federally Qualified Health Center employees
  • Coroners, Medical Examiners, and certain funeral workers
  • Staff and residents at nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care centers, and other congregate care facilities
  • Staff and residents at OPWDD, OMH, and OASAS facilities ('O' agencies)
  • Urgent Care providers
  • Individuals administering COVID-19 vaccines, including local health department staff

See the full list on the State's website.

Phase 1b

Governor Cuomo announced that individuals in Phase 1b are eligible for vaccination starting Monday, January 11th:

  • Teachers and education workers, including contractors and in-person college instructors
  • First responders (police, fire, ambulance opperators, and corrections officers)
  • Public safety workers (dispatchers and emergency communications personnel)
  • Public transit workers
  • People age 65 and older
  • Individuals living or working in a homeless shelter where sleeping, bathing or eating accommodations must be shared with individuals and families who are not part of your household
  • Public-facing grocery store workers

See the full list on the State's website.

Where to get a vaccine

Dutchess County Government has established Point of Dispensing (POD) locations to vaccinate eligible individuals by appointment only based on vaccine allocation provided by New York State. YOU MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TO BE VACCINATED AT THESE SITES. Registered individuals should be prepared to show identification (driver’s license, pay stub, work ID) to verify eligibility for Phase 1a and 1b classification.

Dutchess County POD Locations

PLEASE NOTE: Appointments at Dutchess County sites are currently FULL. Appointments filled within minutes. More appointments will be made available as more vaccine is received from the state. As vaccine supply remains very limited from the state and federal government and supply allocations are not guaranteed, all appointments should be considered tentative and are subject to cancellation if Dutchess County does not receive expected vaccine allocation.

Current vaccine supply is very limited and Governor Cuomo announced that distribution to Phase 1a and 1b is expected to take 14 weeks based on current projected vaccine availability. Eligible residents should anticipate it may be several weeks before they can get an appointment as demand far exceeds supply.

To receive updates on new appointment availability, sign-up for email notifications.

This week's vaccinations will take place at:

Thursday, January 21st, 10am-4pm - SITE FULL
Former JCPenney store location
Poughkeepsie Galleria
2001 South Road, Poughkeepsie

Saturday, January 23rd, 10am-4pm - SITE FULL
Dover Middle/High School
2368 Route 22, Dover Plains

Other Vaccination Sites

DBCH is partnering with Northern Dutchess Hospital for vaccinations to be available at the Health Annex at Northern Dutchess Hospital located at 107 Montgomery Street in Rhinebeck. More information coming soon.

New York State has also begun limited distribution of vaccine to various pharmacy locations throughout the state.

New York State's COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline: 1-833-697-4829 open 7am-10pm, 7-days per week, for scheduling vaccination appointments for eligible residents at State-run sites.

PLEASE NOTE: When you receive your appointment confirmation email from the State's scheduling system, please be careful and DO NOT click the cancellation link at the bottom of the email, unless you need to cancel your appointment. Clicking the link WILL cancel your vaccine appointment and, due to demand, that time slot will likely be taken by someone else before the error can be fixed.

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