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Testing for Coronavirus in Dutchess County

This page provides you with key information about COVID-19 testing including:

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing

Two types of diagnostic tests exist to detect COVID-19, – molecular tests, such as RT-PCR, that detect the virus’s genetic material, and antigen tests, such as rapid tests, that detect specific proteins on the surface of the virus. Rapid tests may be molecular or antigen tests. Talk with your health care provider on which test is right for you.

Check with your provider and local pharmacies for testing availability. 

At Home Testing

At-home tests are widely available at local retailers and pharmacies. Check with your local pharmacy for availability.

At this time, FREE rapid Covid-19 tests are available by mail from the federal government. Every household can order up to 4 at-home rapid Covid-19 tests delivered via USPS.  Orders can be placed online or by calling1-800-232-0233 or TTY 1-888-720-7489.