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Property Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Property may be picked up Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 10:30am, and 12:30pm and 3:00pm. Property pick up / release times are based on property officer availability.

If an incarcerated individual comes back to the facility the same day of his or her release, he or she will be given both the property from his or her cell and the property room. Should an incarcerated individual elect not to wait for his or her property to be brought downstairs from a housing unit or the property room, it will be subsequently destroyed after thirty (30) days.

Provisions may be made from an incarcerated individual to release all of his or her property during non-visiting hours.


Download a PDF version of the List of Acceptable Items Mailed to Facility or Dropped Off

In addition to general mail delivered to the facility, the following items are also accepted:
(Revised and in effect as of March 13, 2024. All previous editions are obsolete.)

  2. BOOKS
    Books must be sent directly from an online publisher or bookstore. (i.e., or Used or hardcover books will not be accepted.
    Clothing for trial appearances and funeral visits are the only clothing accepted at this facility. It is recommended that said clothing be dropped off in person for immediate inspection and approval. Clothing may not be blue or black in color or resemble an officer’s uniform in any way.
    Photographs cannot be suggestive, provocative, nude, or revealing in nature. The photographs cannot be larger than 5x7 or a polaroid, or with a frame.
    Brassieres are the only underwear that is allowed to be mailed into the facility. It must be shipped directly from a verifiable online source to the jail. (i.e.,,, etc.) The brassiere will not be accepted if it contains any padding, underwire, hidden pockets, or metal. (Only metal in clasp will be allowed)
    Currently, the medical department will only accept: Eye contacts in a sealed, unopened container, solution in a sealed, unopened bottle, eyeglasses, C-PAP machine, and diabetic socks. These items must be dropped off in person and will be subject to inspection and approval from jail staff.
    The only religious items that are allowed within this facility are rosary beads, religious medals, prayer rugs and religious headwear. The following restrictions apply to these religious articles:
  • Religious Prayer Rugs - There shall not be any tassels or jewelry attached to the prayer rug. The prayer rug cannot exceed 27” x 43” (70 x 110 cm) in size.
  • Rosary beads can only be made of plastic and be black, brown, or white in color.
  • Religious medals cannot be larger than two (2”) inches and cannot have any stones, sharp edges or ornaments in them. Religious medallions must represent the same denomination as listed religious preference.
  • Religious headwear must be the proper headwear of that particular religion.


Items that can be purchased in commissary or that are issued by the facility are not allowed to be mailed in and will be returned to the sender.


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