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Highway Work Permit Policy

Article 6, Section 136 of the NYS Highway Law prohibits entrance onto and work to be performed on a County highway except pursuant to the authority of a permit and under the rules and regulations prescribed by the County Superintendent of Highways or Commissioner of Public Works.


Policies, Applications and Submission Requirements for Work In or Adjacent to County Highways

The Dutchess County Department of Public Works has assembled technical and procedural requirements for gaining access to and performing any work along Dutchess County highways.  These requirements (commonly referred to as the “Highway Work Permit Policy”):

  • Protect the public by regulating traffic that enters and leaves the County highway system,
  • Preserves the public’s investment in highway capacity and condition, and
  • Ensures uniform design and construction for all work along County highways.

Regulation of access and utility work is intended to promote safe and efficient movement, as well as ensuring the County highway system will provide reasonably convenient access to abutting property owners. 

Through the permit review process, Dutchess County Department of Public Works ensures access and utility construction work on County highways will be planned, designed, and constructed in a manner that maintains a quality transportation infrastructure while providing for safe and efficient access.